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I am one of those people who have always pointed friends, colleagues, and supervisees in need to Family & Children’s Services. Whether it was an EAP referral, financial management, or a simple need for counseling, I have a services card tacked to my bulletin board at work and share the number regularly. And when a few years ago, my life began to unravel a bit, I found myself getting the same encouragement to call Family & Children’s from my friends and family.

My father’s stroke and Parkinson’s coupled with my Mom’s breast cancer returning with a vengeance, began to turn my life upside down. Beyond the support of my partner and friends, and after some initial hesitation (thinking “I can do this on my own…”), I quickly realized I needed more help. I called the EAP intake number to make an appointment. I was fortunate to quickly find a compassionate and skilled professional to help me walk through the difficult period of my mom’s death and the complicated family issues, loss, and grief that followed.

Soon after my Mom’s death it became clear that managing some of the details, medical realities, and needs of my Dad would be challenging for my partner and me to manage on our own. During the first appointment to learn about what a Geriatric Care Manager does, I had a profound and palpable sense of relief; after feeling so overwhelmed, frustrated, and helpless I had found a professional service created specifically for what we were facing.

I have been very fortunate to find a much needed and multi-dimensional safety net through Family & Children’s. Thank you.

- Maureen Kelly