About Us

Family & Children’s Service of Ithaca (F&CS) is a private, nonprofit community agency dedicated to supporting, promoting and strengthening the well-being of individuals and families by providing high-quality, accessible mental health care and related social services, with a particular sensitivity toward the needs of children.

F&CS, as it is constituted today, is an organization created from the 1958 merger of the once closely aligned Ithaca Children’s Home and the Family Society of Ithaca. Our origins date back to the establishment of the Ithaca Children’s Home in 1885 which was made up of two programs–a residential home for both orphaned and destitute children and a day nursery. The Family Society of Ithaca was the primary resource in the community providing family and marriage counseling, a reputation enjoyed today.

Today F&CS provides a wide range of services that include mental health care to children, adults, families, and seniors, EAP services to more than 50 local businesses, targeted outreach to vulnerable youth and other community members in need of support, and community education to professionals and the general public.