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August 5th, 2021   12:00pm – 1:30pm

Self-Compassion Discussion and Guided Meditation

Join us for this stress management and healing through self-compassion discussion and guided mediation with Dalya Tamir.

As many of us are feeling burn-out and compassion fatigue as a result of the on-going stress of the pandemic, we invite you to explore healing and stress management through a self-compassion lens.

Self-compassion is a movement of the heart toward itself with an intention of soothing our pain and alleviating suffering. No matter what form of difficulty or distress we are enduring, the heart of compassion turns toward that pain and meets it with tenderness, kindness and care.

In the upcoming workshop we will practice self-compassion meditation and will engage in a conversation on role compassion might play in our lives as we continue to contend with uncertainty, grief, anxiety or depression, due to the changes in our world. Meditation themes will include Relaxing, Observing and Allowing.

Dalya Tamir has been living in Ithaca since 1995. She began practicing mindfulness, lovingkindness and self- compassion in the Buddhist tradition in 1983. She has been leading meditation circles for women since 2002 and is in the final stages of writing Turning Back to Ourselves, a book for women that offers a path back from self-abandonment, to reclaim their love for themselves. Dalya is a Licensed Clinical Social Work, she worked as a clinician at Family and Children’s Service of Ithaca from 2014-2020. She currently is a psychotherapist in private practice.

August 24th, 2021   12:00pm – 1:00pm

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workshop for teachers and school staff

Join Anna Salamone in this Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction workshop in preparation for the upcoming school year.

As we approach the new school year, teachers and school staff are navigating new stressors while returning to the classroom in the midst of the pandemic. Join us for this hour long workshop to learn Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction skills and techniques to help you and your students stay calm and grounded while helping you to be more aware of your mind, bodies and emotions. Mindfulness practice has been touted as a means for reducing stress, improving attention, boosting the immune system, reducing emotional reactivity and promoting a general sense of health and well-being.

This workshop will be led by psychotherapist and Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher Anna Salamone, RN, LCSW. She received extensive training from The Center for Mindfulness, Healthcare, and Society founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and has been leading classes in Ithaca since 2007. Learn more about her practice at


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