Current Workshops

March 1st, 2024  12:00 – 3:00

Practicing Appropriate Professional Boundaries in Clinical Practice

This collaborative and interactive workshop explores the pillars for practicing appropriate professional boundaries as a health and wellness provider. The training covers topics related to ethics, confidentiality, transference/countertransference, self-disclosure, tele-health services, walk-and-talk therapy, communication outside sessions, ethical mandated reporting and so much more.

This course is geared toward any and all mental health or medical providers seeking to gain greater competencies related to practicing appropriate professional boundaries in clinical practice. This course will briefly discuss APA Code of Ethics as well as explore various considerations related to confidentiality with clients. The course will provide helpful tips for managing and addressing moments in which transference and countertransference emerge. This course will discuss the different types of self-disclosure that exist and provide a framework for practicing self-disclosure in sessions through an intersectional feminist and ethical decision making lens. In this course we will explore considerations for telehealth services, walk-and-talk therapy, mandated reporting and strategies to manage communication outside of sessions with your clients. This course provides reflective questions and case examples that aim to assist participants with identifying areas that may create barriers and challenges when practicing appropriate professional boundaries.

This workshop will provide 3 CEU credits for LMSWs, LMHCs, LMFTs, and Psychologists, and will count for the NYS Office of the Professions Ethical Boundaries CEU requirements

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March 6th 2024, 12:00 – 2:00pm


Neuroscience of brain injury: Tips for enhanced participation

This workshop will help professionals who serve individuals with brain injuries refine their approaches for more effective outcomes. In this workshop we will review the current thinking of the neuroscience regions related to executive processes, memory, communication, and spatial cognition, and how each of these functions are affected by brain injury. We will explore approaches for more effective communication, conducive environments, and helping individuals with brain injury direct their attention.

This workshop provides 2 CEU credits for LCSWs/LMSWs, LMFTs, LMHCs and Psychologists.

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