Fostering Children’s Resilience During Uncertain Times

Fostering Children’s Resilience During Uncertain Times

On January 28, 2021, Erika Busch, Psy. D., and Samantha Zeitz, LMHC CCPT, of Family and Children’s Service of Ithaca led a discussion on the importance of creating predictability and maintaining emotional connection with our children, especially during times of uncertainty. Topics ranged from the value of psychological flexibility, caregiver self-care, building routines and the protective aspects of unstructured play (for both adults and children). The program included an interactive Q&A session with attendees.

The program was recorded and is presented here, free and on-demand.

A transcript of this workshop presentation is included below the video for the hearing-impaired.

 This workshop was co-sponsored by Cornell Human Resources and Family & Children’s Services of Ithaca