‘How Will We Cope With the Pandemic Fall?’

How Will We Cope With the Pandemic Fall?

from The New York Times

Mental health experts offer advice on how to handle the return to indoor life the cooler weather will bring:

And all of us, in every circumstance, are dealing with the cumulative toll of six-plus months of the pandemic. “We’re moving from sprint mode to marathon mode,” said Bethany Teachman, a University of Virginia psychologist specializing in anxiety. She added that since stressors tend to pile up over time, we’ll be “going into winter feeling depleted and exhausted.”

So how can we handle the stress of heading back indoors? What are the best strategies?

Dr. Teachman recommends a three-step approach: Acknowledge, find alternatives and then make a plan.

This article from the New York Times provides some excellent advice for looking after your mental wellness over the coming winter.