Introduction to Ecosystemic family therapy

Introduction to Ecosystemic family therapy


Introduction to Ecosystemic family therapy

Presented by Alexandra Brown of the Accountable History Network
Wednesday, April 6th 9:00am – 11:00amonline
Registration Fee: $60  (Scholarships are available)
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If we understand that structural violence impacts us as individuals, how can that understanding inform the healing work we do as clinicians and human services professionals? This two-hour workshop merges a presentation of a set of tools grounded in Ecosystemic Family Therapy with personal reflection and discussion of case studies. Together we will explore how we can work with families who are impacted by generational trauma in ways that are as accountable to systemic harm as they are responsive to individual experience.

The Accountable History Network is a worker-owned co-op based in Philadelphia, PA, where we focus on preparing groups and individuals to grow into radical accountability through historical reckoning and relational healing. 

AHN’s worker-owners work both together and within our individual areas of practice to design and facilitate processes, trainings and workshops that are grounded in historical context, a critical analysis of power, and a commitment to healing. Our work fosters personal, sustainable, accountability to systemic issues of historical trauma and inequity through utilizing a framework of inheritances, be they inheritances of intergenerational trauma, wealth, access, marginalization, or narrative. What we call “radical accountability” can be found at the crossroads of the above practices and frameworks for understanding the world we live in. We believe that through building radical accountability we can create more space for belonging within intersectional movements for collective liberation, rooted in Black and Indigenous liberation.
Alexandra Brown is a Licensed Social Worker from Philadelphia, PA, specializing in working with children and families with complex trauma and emotional and behavioral challenges stemming from intergenerational trauma. Alexandra was trained as a Clinical Social Worker at Temple University, graduating in 2017 with their Masters of Social Work out of which her passion for the study of Intrauterine Trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and Epigenetics stemmed. In addition to working with AHN, Alexandra trains clinicians in ecosystemic family-based therapy at the Training Center of Philadelphia, where she focuses on historical and generational trauma.
Date: April 6, 2022
Duration: 1 Day