Stacey M.

Stacy M. shared a collage of poems from a poetry series she’s been working on, as well as a short reading.


A collage of Stacey’s poems from the series “Small Poems from the Great Hunkering”


Crayfish Comfort

Crayfish picked her way over rocks

at the edge of her barely thawed lake.

I had been gazing at the

trying-to-warm blue sky,

conversing with beyond the clouds

attempting tenuous trust,

delegating control that was

not mine to hand over.


Universe winked me a sign:

as I turned to go, there underwater

Crayfish caught my eye, stumbling

over pebbles and waterlogged leaves

unthreatened but groggy

facing spring rebirth challenges

cares unshared with a human world


“you just wait to regenerate” she said

“the time will come for you all

to shed fear

and make your way forward

into the world.”


Stacey Murphy


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