Sylvie F.

“Every few months I feel pretty low. I know that it has to do with getting enough exercise, but sometimes I just fall out of habits. Sometimes when you’re down you can’t see the way up. 

Biking is my preferred exercise, and even a mile on a bike can turn my whole day around. 

I have decided to bike every day for Bike Month (May). Some days that means getting up at sunrise before it gets too hot. Some days I grab some lights and I go right as the sun is descending. It’s a simple chemical response. Exercise=endorphins=happiness

During lock down I’m really grateful to have ample space to exercise solo, fresh air, sunshine and my bike. All these things improve my mood in such a massive way.”

–Sylvie F.

Sylvie has committed to biking every day during the month of May, and enjoying a bit of desert yoga too


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